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Melanopral Peel


Reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation in under 6 weeksWelcome to the future of skin transformation with my latest treatment: the Melanopro Peel System. This clinical-strength peel program offers visible results in less than 6 weeks*. With a 2-phase approach, combining in-clinic and at-home treatments, it targets dark spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma,  post breakout marks and an uneven skin texture to unveil fresh, brighter skin. Get ready to reveal your radiance!What to expect with MelanoproFirst a masque is applied in-salon. This masque will need to stay on between 2-7 hours, with the exact duration determined by me after a skin analysis.You will be given proper instructions on the removal process.48 hours after you remove the masque, you will start using the prescribed home care products ( Continuous Resurfacing Cream, and Ultracalming Mist are included in the price of your treatment). You will keep using these until they are finished.Melanopro Peel System is a 6 week programme that consists of a in-salon treatment and a 6 week home programme, with a check in back at the salon at 3 weeks and 6 weeks.A Pro Calm skin treatment is included at your 6 week check-in.A Pro Power Peel is required 2 weeks prior to starting the Melanopro Peel System.* Please note that the Pro Power Peel  is not included in the price of the Melanopro Peel.Please contact me to book consultation and patch test.

Downtime to be expected 

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