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The Pyramid Facelift

This skin treatment is designed to offer similar results to a facelift without the invasive surgery and aims to provide dermal volumisation, skin tightening and resurfacing in one single treatment. Additionally, the treatment aims to benefit skin rejuvenation, facial contouring and scarring.


This treatment combines the technologies of VoluDerm, which aims to provide safe penetration of the epidermis for controlled heating, and TriFractional radiofrequency and TriPollar with Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA), which targets energy stimulation in the facial muscles, resulting in lifting and toning of the skin.


Dermal volumising
Skin resurfacing
Skin tightening
Skin rejuvenation
Facial contouring
Scarring improvements


Just some of my client's results to reinforce the effectiveness of the Pyramid Facelift.  See my Instagram page for lots more before and after pictures of all my treatments.

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